2021-02-09 15:00:26


The White House's new migration policy is, in fact, a practice of opening doors, especially on the southern border of the United States. The Biden administration has terminated the previous administration's accommodation agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Previously, persons seeking to cross the southern border of the United States had to await the decision of the migration courts in these three countries, as well as in special settlements in Mexico. Now all these migrants will again end up in the United States. And since consideration of cases on political asylum in courts (traditionally only about 3% of such cases are positively resolved) takes from 4 months to a year, migrants are simply released and most of them dissolve in the vastness of America.

According to a memorandum from the Biden administration, all illegal immigrants who were in temporary detention centers were released, and this is more than a thousand people. All deportations were also banned, including those arrested for serious crimes. Meanwhile, new caravans of migrants, encouraged by Biden's innovations, are moving towards the border from Mexico.

Another feature of the new policy is that control over the spread of coronavirus infection has been effectively stopped at the border. Currently, the United States has very strict requirements for everyone entering the country legally. Everyone is required to undergo double PCR testing for COVID-19 - to have a certificate of the absence of coronavirus already on board the aircraft and to pass another test at the American airport of arrival. Similar requirements have been introduced for most domestic airlines. But for illegal immigrants who crossed the border - nothing of the kind. They are released after initial detention without any testing.

When Jen Psaki was asked about this, she promised to "clarify the specific content of the new procedure."


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